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ドラゴンボール Season 1 Episode 37 : Enter Ninja Murasaki
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Title:Dragon Ball
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation, Action & Adventure
Air Date: 1986-11-05
Season Number: 1
Episodes Number: 37
Overview: After infiltrating the pitch black fourth floor, Goku is hit by Master Sergeant Murasaki’s ninja attacks. He has a difficult battle against these relentless attacks! But Goku reads Murasaki’s movement, and his attacks turn the situation around. Goku breaks through Murasaki’s ninjutsu, one after the other. Finally, Murasaki’s sword breaks! Murasaki challenges Goku to an unarmed match, and Goku puts away the Nyoi-Bo. Murasaki takes advantage of this opening to throw a boomerang shuriken. Goku is caught off guard, and is hit directly in the back of the head!! Goku is in grave danger!!
Stars: Masako Nozawa (Son Goku (voice)), , Mayumi Tanaka (Krillin (voice)), , 鶴ひろみ (Bulma (voice)), , Tōru Furuya (Yamcha (voice)), , Naoki Tatsuta (Oolong (voice)), , Naoko Watanabe (Puar (voice)), , Mami Koyama (Lunch (voice)), , Shigeru Chiba (Emperor Pilaf (voice)), , Jōji Yanami (Narrator (voice)), , Chikao Ohtsuka (Tao Pai Pai (voice)), , Hirotaka Suzuoki (Tien Shinhan (voice)), , Kōhei Miyauchi (Muten Roshi (voice)), , Kenji Utsumi (Announcer (voice)), , Takeshi Aono (Piccolo Daimao (voice)), , Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo Jr. (voice)), , Tesshou Genda (Shuu (voice)), , Hiroko Emori (Chaozu (voice)), , Eiko Yamada (Mai (voice)),
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