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Laura y el misterio del asesino inesperado
6.8/10 by 11 users
Title:Laura y el misterio del asesino inesperado
Release: 2022-01-13
Runtime: 90 min.
Genre: TV Movie, Mystery, Thriller, Comedy
Stars: María Pujalte, Oriol Tarrasón, Laura Pamplona, Beatriz Carvajal, César Camino, Raúl Mérida
Overview: After years of leave, Laura Lebrel returns to action. Lydia asks him for help on a case: Eugenio Ortiz, Laura's former instructor, has been murdered. But a new detective, Hector, finds evidence that incriminates Laura. She asks to be allowed to find the killer and Lydia gives her 24 hours to solve the case before arresting her.